Vibram Furoshiki

Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go,
and everything you do!
New from Vibram. A fashionable, packable shoe you take everywhere!

The latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear! Take it everywhere … for everywhere you go and everything you do, there’s Furoshiki!

Winter Furoshiki size chart

Original Furoshiki Size Chart

Original Furoshiki Size Chart

Furoshiki Arctic Grip 2019

First truly waterproof shoes from Vibram

Furoshiki Winter series

New Vibram Furoshiki Original

Vibram Furoshiki Original

Vibram Furoshiki Gru



Furoshiki Arctic Grip

New FUROSHIKI WINTER powered by Vibram Arctic Grip Sole

Winter Vibram Furoshiki New Yorker – now with an ice advantage – featuring Vibram Arctic Grip. The most advanced cold weather gripping system from Vibram. Also waterproof and very warm.